these images were done in the studio, with 1 speedlight and a Gary Fong Lightsphere.

This is something I have always wanted to do, but never understood how people had time for it…..

It’s that time of year, gym memberships have been purchased, cigarette packages have been thrown out, budgets have been adjusted… people have made their resolutions. I generally don’t make resolutions, don’t really know why, but I don’t. However, I have been saying for way too long, that I want to: shoot more, start a blog, and shoot more. So I decided while I had a few days off, I would shoot and start a blog and update my website. I ended up doing some landscapes a some portraits using some new gear, it was great.. website was updated (took me all day) and if you’re reading this, you know the blog has begun.

My intent with the blog is to keep my thoughts in photography, and update regularly with photos and commentary… just another outlet (maybe generate some commentary). I have many routes I would like to go here, but I also promised myself I wouldn’t ramble too much.

I was using my new Gary Fong Powersnoot and a new light stand, ah the holidays are great for new gear aren’t they ? It made me think of how expensive being a photographer can be, and how I don’t understand how people who charge very little for their work/services, survive?? I found an interesting post on Zack Arias’s blog about how cheap photographers only kill themselves, not the industry (check it out, interesting take). It’s made me think about these photographers in a different light, in that clients need these type of photographers (not trying to downgrade these photographers here) and people who can’t afford full-time photographers deserve photos too, right??? Not going to take it further than that.