The following images were shot with a Tamron 90mm macro, the subject is no bigger than a square foot:

You read it all the time: “your best camera is the one you have with you”. As photographers we’re always looking for our next lens, our next accessory, we love the newest and greatest things (well I do anyway). But many of us don’t use the tools we have to their fullest potential.

I love HDR photography. Since I started doing it, I have had trouble taking non-HDR images sometimes, and am a sucker for the saturation and tonal range it produces. One thing I’ve never been interested in is macro photography. Bugs, flowers, etc have never been interesting subjects for me, probably because it’s been WAY overdone. A few years ago a friend of mine was moving out west and had lent me his 90mm macro. The lens stayed with me and he later sold all his gear except for that 90mm. The lens gathered dust for a few years until I remembered I had it. When I got back into portrait work I started using it more. Then the other day I was out shooting some HDR landscapes and the 90mm was on the body when I took it from my bag, so I figured “what the hell I’ll leave it on”. I started doing some closeup HDR stuff and was very happy with the results… why didn’t I use this lens earlier?

When I first got into photography I shot with a fixed 50mm for a good 2 years, and looking back, having only that lens made me work for my photos and get more involved with my subjects because I couldn’t zoom. The next time you’re out shooting, put the lens on that you use the least and leave the rest of them behind, you may fall in love with it all over again.