Remember when it was fun to pick up the phone and make a call to a friend instead of sending them an email??…No?… Me either. It seems almost impossible to think of life without computers and the enormous Internet. We communicate so easily now (perhaps not as effectively though) through twitter, facebook, & not to mention the ever-popular text message.
Over the summer I was shooting a wedding and I was communicating with the bride over text message. It felt very odd. Usually texts are reserved for friends and sometimes, the technologically advanced parent. I thought “should I be doing this, is this professional?”. But why not? Why would I think that? Well sometimes technology can be too impersonal and you want to be able to make that connection with your clients. For me text messaging is somewhat of personal thing, in the way that you can send an instant message to someone very quickly for them to process. Now, looking back, that wedding was one of my favorites and I think the extra connection I made with the bride and groom contributed greatly to that. (The above images are from that wedding)
Many photographers use facebook and other social media sites to promote their work and communicate with their clients. And why not? It is an easy and free way to stay in touch and keep people up to date with your photography. You’re able to advertise and reach a huge amount of people with one simple message. You must be careful with how you use it however, I’ve seen some photographers comment on a session they did in an unfavourable way. Facebook is much smaller than you think and I can almost guarantee that there is someone on your friends list who will see that and know who those clients are and may possibly relay that message back to them. There are many who have resisted social media due to the fact that they find it an unprofessional and impersonal way to interact. But I’m sure email was viewed that way when Jesus sent his first email to his desciples. Email has been around for that long right??
Times have changed, we use digital cameras, we can print lab quality prints at home, and we use our cell phones to email, send Facebook messages and update our blog. Don’t fight technology, use it to your advantage and stay up to date on the current trends and tools available to you.
“it’s called an automobile folks, its much faster than a horse” -Peter Griffin