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This was a shoot where I had to roll with the punches. I had everything planned in my head before we got to the location. I knew where I wanted to shoot, what type of shots I was going to do, and how I was going to light everything. I had shot with Sarah a few times before and knew she would be perfect for the type of shots I wanted to do. She moves extremely well on her own and needs very little direction. Unfortunately I had 2, lets call them unfortunate occurences happen that forced me to change all those plans.

When we arrived at the location, the part that I had planned to shoot at had 5 people building a bonfire on it. Luckily I chose a place that had a few different locations I was interested in shooting. We walked up the hill to another spot, set up the flash with one umbrella, and a sandbag to hold it. I took a few test shots, and then I got 5 frames done before the wind overpowered my sandbag and took the whole stand for a ride. This happened twice.

One important thing to remember when things go wrong on a shoot is to always keep your cool. It took everything in me not get upset, swear, or throw something (I have a bit of a temper). My umbrella was bent, my receiver was in 2 pieces but thankfully my flash was okay. The second time after I bent the umbrella back into place, it was only the receiver that broke. When she asked “is it broken? Is everything ok?”, I simply smiled and said “it is broken, no big deal though, everything is great”. At this point I had to adjust my thinking as I was going to be shooting natural light from here on out.

Like I said at the start, roll with the punches. I don’t shoot a lot of natural light portraiture, so I had to really think as I shot. What I didn’t think of right away is that instead of using the hot shoe on the receiver I could just plug it in. I thought of this much later in the shoot and was able to do some flash shots later on.

In the end I was extremely happy with this shoot, despite running into a few problems. Sarah was fantastic, and even pulled off some looks I hadn’t expected. I always look forward to working with her, and can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully I won’t run into any unexpected problems on the next one.