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1st layer ~ click to enlarge

Just over a month ago I planned a shoot where I wanted to add makeup layers as we shot. I planned to keep the lighting the same throughout, generally, and shoot very tight shots to focus on the makeup.  We would start with something simple, then build it up to be more elaborate, over 4 looks. This is when working with someone you trust is a huge advantage. Nicola Jerfferis was the makeup artist on this shoot, who I’ve worked with many times in the past. All I have to do is give her a rough idea of what I’m looking for and off she goes. I love the colors she used for this shoot. The above image shows the first layer…

2nd layer ~ click to enlarge

I called Jenn to model for this shoot. If you follow my blog you’ve seen her a few times before, she is one of my favourite people to work with. For what I wanted to do, I knew her bone structure would work very well. I shot this with only the 75″ Silver Umbrella and had to do a slight adjustment to the background in post.

3rd layer ~ click to enlarge

Initially I thought I wanted to bring the background to more of a grey, but decided after the fact to blow it to white thanks to a friends suggestion.

4th layer ~ click to enlarge

I wanted to keep everything simplistic for this shoot, such as hair, lighting and composition. I wanted all the focus to generally be on the makeup.

close-up of the final layer ~ click to enlarge

After I got all the layers in the look I wanted we decided to do one more look. I had borrowed a few strip banks to test for the Halifax shoot I had upcoming. I have been testing various lights, and modifiers to see what I like as I attempt to add to my equipment. I would never just buy something like that without testing first. I’m very fortunate that I know quite a few photographer’s who I can borrow the equipment from.

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The above image shows the lighting used for the last 2 shots. I changed the front fill light to the 75″ umbrella rather than the grid though. The umbrella gave a softer light and a bit of background spill which gave the separation I wanted.

click to enlarge

While I know this couldn’t have been the most exciting shoot Jenn has ever done. There was no extensive posing or anything like that, just more simplistic stuff. It was however interesting to work primarily with only the face. No hands, arms, legs, waist or anything like that. It really makes you work to be able to get some different looks. For the beauty style shots I wanted to do, that was the way I wanted to do it.

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These shots all worked out pretty well the exact way I had visualized them. It is always a very satisfying feeling when a concept can be achieved start to finish the same way it was seen in your head.

composite of the 4 makeup looks ~ click to enlarge

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