For the last few years I have had the pleasure of doing the photography for The Friends Of The Moncton Hospital campaigns along side the wonderful people at Hawk! It is something I greatly look forward to shooting every year. This past year Hawk wanted to showcase the people. The people that this campaign helps, the ones who have needed the help and continue to. We were fortunate to sit with these amazing people and listen to their stories. They were quite emotional days but the one common factor in all these people is their positivity. It’s incredibly amazing to talk with people who have been through such hard times and to see them being so positive. It was beyond inspirational and I felt so lucky to be there while they shared their stories.

Here is the message from the campaign:

“Right now, hundreds of people are walking into The Moncton Hospital. Some are patients, some are family members, some are medical professionals. But every one of them has a story. These are just a few, and we feel honored to share them with you. Some will break your heart, others will inspire you to fight, to keep hope alive, or to help.”

Follow this link to see the more of the photos from the campaign accompanied with the stories.